Thursday, August 03, 2006

For Only Love Can Conquer Hate.

Well, George, it appears you were correct. There is no way I can refrain from blogging about this whole Mel Gibson "thing".

This is me uncensored...

Those who know me know that I like to have an "occasional" drink or two or twenty. And, in those rare instances I find myself in public and sufficiently inebriated, I will admit, I have been known to say and do the stupidiest of things.

For instance, I vaguely remember being on a stage at 5ive at some ungodly hour dancing like an idiot. Wanting to get off the stage, I boldy took a step forward, only to realize the ground was some 3 feet farther down than first thought. I landed, quite proudly I might add, on my knees instead of on my back with my feet in the air. Then there was the time I approached a certain provincially elected official (a person whom I have a sick child-like crush on) and told her that she had the best legs I have ever seen. Oh, and then there was the time I couldn't stop myself from telling a police officer that I would gladly let her take me home and handcuff me (that one almost got me arrested).

Am I proud of my actions? Not really. But, they do represent the 'normal' actions of an inebriated person. Alcohol can and does lead to unlady-like/ungentleman-like behaviour.

What's my point? Mr. Gibson was intoxicated. He is not refuting that--besides there are numerous pictures and videos to prove it. And, yes when he got pulled over his 'celebrity' went to his head and it appears he tried to intimidate his arresting officer. But what I don't get is how he made the leap from 'do you f**king know who I am? I am Mel Gibson' to those anti-Semitic remarks' --again something he is not denying. Intoxication is not to blame for such vial comments. There is no connecting link, well none that is readily apparent to me.

In the end, sadness and disappointment trump my anger. I am saddened by the way the law seems to bend for someone who is rich and famous; I am saddened that a person, who until now, seemed like a tolerant man, may be quite the opposite; and I am greatly saddened by the way Hollywood has seemingly said 'it's was the alcohol speaking not good ol' Mel'.

The average person who has had a parent, grandparent, uncle or aunt live through acts of racism will not easily forget. A person is never ever only Anti-Semitic, there is most always a hatred of other races and cultures just festering under the surface.

Money and power affords a person may luxuries in life but, at the end of the day, when whichever God that person believes in calls them home, they will be judged by their words, their actions and most importantly their character.


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