Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Journey to Israel. One World. One Love. One Pride.

In a few hours about a dozen or so of my closest friends and I will be heading to a pub for a send off party for our dear friend B.

The poor misguided lad will be heading to Israel tomorrow to help organize World Pride in Jerusalem. For the better part of a month we have tried to convince him not to go.

Each of us, in our own way, has tried to impart on him the gravity of the escalating violence in Israel and the real danger he will be in but because of some asinine sense of 'duty' he is determined to go. To his credit, his selflessness is commendable as much as it is ridiculous.

I don't pretend to know all the issues surrounding the current Israel-Lebanon conflict (Operation Truthful Promise come Operation Just Reward come Operation Change of Direction) but from what I have heard both sides have their roots firmly planted and I fear many more will be injured or killed unless one side acquiesces (something that seems very unlikely).

So far diplomatic talks have been ineffective and the UN imposed sanctions suggested by the Bush Administration (an Administration that not so long ago gave the UN a single finger salute before invading Iraq) is laughable at best.

I am reminded of the saying 'anything worth having is worth fighting for'--I wonder if the person who said it had a rocket launcher parked in striking distance of their home.

My heart weeps for those whose reality my friend will be stepping into for a few short weeks.

Jerusalem World Pride 2006...Love without Borders


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