Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Maurizio Bevilacqua. The Dreamer.

Come on! Come on!

Who the hell is whispering sweet nothings into Mr. Bevilacqua's ear? Because, truthfully, they should be drawn and quartered.

I will admit Mr. Bevilacqua has been a very good MP and a fiercely loyal Liberal but he has been given some really bad advice if he believes he stands a chance at winning the leadership.

Moreover, leading off a candidacy by urging Party members not to "buy into the idea they need to unite the left in order to regain power" is a fantastically bad move. The Liberal Party has had enough politics of dividicism. We need to re-unite, re-juvenate and re-establish.

And, for the record, the Conservatives did win the last election. The Liberal Party ran a "re-active" national campaign and based on that alone, they did't stand a chance at winning another mandate.

Going for broke here... to say that the 2005/2006 Liberal national campaign was awful is a gross understatement. They did not look like leaders, they did not act like leaders and they did not have the confidence (not to be confused with arrogance) of a governing party. In my opinion, this made it very difficult for Canadians to re-elect them.

A campaign cannot be successful when it's leader hides behind past mistakes. Humility must be an option when going into a campaign where ones ethics are in question. Mr. Martin should have come out of the gates swinging. Get rid of all the MPs whose mere presence casts a shadow of doubt on the Party. Nothing, and I mean nothing, not even friendship, should be above the integrity of a Party. And, I am mortified that some Party members think differently.

Now, back to Mr. Bevilacqua, I am never one to judge a book by the cover, if you are the best person to lead this party so be it. Best of luck.


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